Hello Daniweb,

I'm rebuilding a Flash-based website in PHP/HTML maintaining the same MySQL database.

My problem now is, the user passwords are hashed of course - I need to use the same hash in the new application for old users to be able to still log in. But since the Flash-based application is compiled and I don't know what method was used, I'm kinda lost.

Maybe there is no easy way to recognize the hashing method, but hoping someone knows more than me I am posting this asking for your suggestion.

When I create a dummy user with password '123456789' (w/o quotes) ends up in database hashed to: '25f9e794323b453885f5181f1b624d0b' (w/o quotes).

Any suggestions are welcome!

So I found a piece of Java code in the folder with the Flash application. It has some MD5 going on. I have absolutely no clue if it is related or how to execute this to see if it gives the same hash output, so I'll just throw it out there.

        public static String encrypt( String source ){
        //      String toEnc = "Encrypt This!"; // Value to encrypt
                String md5=null;
                        MessageDigest mdEnc = MessageDigest.getInstance("MD5"); // Encryption algorithm
                        mdEnc.update(source.getBytes(), 0, source.length());
                        md5 = new BigInteger(1, mdEnc.digest()).toString(16); // Encrypted string
                catch(Exception ex){
                        return null;
                return md5;
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