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Hello guys,

Pls help me, I really need your help!

In my workplace we've got a Micron SCORPION Z4120C alarm system that's been connected to the Central Station. But my boss would rather like to monitor the system on his own. And I'm in charge of finding out the best solution for this purpose.

According to this document it can be carried out though our VoIP network: http://www.voip-sip-sdk.com/p_577-send-and-receive-contact-id-alerts-over-voip-with-csharp-application-voip.html It can be possible with a C# program. It's OK, C#, C, C++, Visual Basic etc. programming is not a problem.

But unfortunetely I'm not really familiar with Voice over IP developments.
And it's not really clear for me that why is it important to create a softphone firstly???

static ISoftPhone mySoftphone; // softphone object
static IPhoneLine phoneLine; // phoneline object
static IPhoneCall call;     // call object

private static void Main(string[] args)
    //Create a softphone object with RTP port range 5000-10000, and SIP port 5060
    mySoftphone = SoftPhoneFactory.CreateSoftPhone(5000, 10000, 5060);

    foreach (var s in mySoftphone.Codecs)
    mySoftphone.EnableCodec(8); //only PCMA codec enabled

    // SIP account registration data, (supplied by your VoIP service provider)
    var registrationRequired = true;
    var userName = "sipusername"; //1001
    var displayName = "sipdisplayname"; //1001
    var authenticationId = "authenticationid"; //1001
    var registerPassword = "Password"; //1001
    var domainHost = "pbxip.voipprovider.com";
    var domainPort = 5060;  
    // Send SIP regitration request     mySoftphone_Register(mySoftphone, registrationRequired, displayName, userName, authenticationId, registerPassword, domainHost, domainPort);
    mediaConnector = new MediaConnector();  phoneCallAudioSender = new PhoneCallAudioSender();  phoneCallAudioReceiver = new PhoneCallAudioReceiver(); 
contactIdHandler = new ContactIdHandler(); contactIdHandler.ReceivedNotification += contactIdHandler_ReceivedNotification; 
    // prevents the termination of the application
    while (true) Thread.Sleep(10);

(These snippets have been copied and pasted from the full code example: http://www.voip-sip-sdk.com/p_578-receiving-contact-id-alert-voip.html)

Please give me a brief summary about the correlation of VoIP and alarm systems! I need to understand that to be able to use these VoIP components!

I'm really looking forward to your answers!

Thanks a lot in advance,