Hey everyone......
Sorry I havent been around for a while... had a heart-attack and havent been here for a while. Doing much better now!

I am needing research material for networking multiple computers together that allow data transfer/updating in both directions. Note this is not for databases, even though there are multiple databases existing. I am programming this software in JAVA using netbeans v7.1.2.

I have a server program (Interactive Campaign Manager (ICM)-now in development phase) that is supposed to monitor data on multiple computers on a network, possibly over the internet, that are running a different client program (Interactive Character Sheet (ICS)-which is virtually complete and in beta testing). A user runs their (ICS) and logs in to the (ICM) where it will send all information needed by the (ICM). Afterwords during gameplay, if a user makes changes in certain areas in the character sheet, the (ICM) will see the changes, update its data, possibly approve or disapprove those changes as needed (requires a reply of approval) and if needed make changes on a certain clients (ICS) program data with or without the knowledge of the end user.

One function that might be helpful in the future is to add a built in chat routine for all users and manager to use, but at this time is not planned. However, it may show me the basics on how to code the overall functionality.

Obviously, I am not seeking any coding specific to my programs. But needing information/documentation (or where to find it) on how to design and impliment this functionality to my software package. (of course sample coding is greatly appriciated). I have never attempted this type of programming in any language before, much less JAVA, so a detailed - baby step style of learning material is needed.

Thanks..... just point me in the right direction.