Me as one of the users in Dani web and a person who has interest in Java, I've tried to solve if not all, most of the begginers problems. I've even tried to solve some myself afterwards however, now I ran out of ideas. I would also like to move to a bit more complicated structures and projects bigger than 1-2 files. Something that is so to speak "real life projects", to gain some more experience. Can you guys suggest some projects that I could be working on? My goal is just to gain experience. Also, I would like to take a look at structures such as queues and stack, that are possibly used in a project/mid sized program. I am sure that with the great support in here, any project will be solved! :D

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How about thy multi-user chat/picture sharing thing? (Client/server, threads etc.) You can build that into something quite large & complex if you keep adding features. Start by designing a generic framework, then implement the specific app by building on that - that's like a lot of well-designed projects.

Hey James, Thanks for your suggestion!
Do you mean a chat system that can send private and group messages and for example "choose picture" button that can transfer a image file through?

Yes. There's lots of stuff you can incorporate that make it a more advanced project - eg jmDNS to allow the clients to find the server, real-time collaborative drawing on top of a shared image, live screen sharing...

Sounds pretty cool making gui and everything, I will most definitely try it. Just 1 question ... I made a similiar application earlier this year and I had to implement vector clocks(to make sure in distributed computing that no "answers arrive before questions"), would I have to do that again as well if its multychat system? Or just try without to begin with and do if needed? But indeed, sounds like a good project to go for, thanks

I was thinking of starting with a completely asynchronous application - whatever the users want to do, whenever they want to do it. You can always add constraints later, but the inverse isn't true.

Will give me something to do for now, ty! oh, sockets for networking? I've tried java RMI but was a complete failure back in the days never managed to get it running

RMI's not easy the first time. There's a lot of pieces that you have to get right. Second time round you know what they are, so it's a lot easier.
Anyway, Sockets?... yes. Start with the Oracle tutorial, especially the note near the end about threads for multiple clients.

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