Hi DaniWeb,

I've been programming a litecoin clone for about two weeks now. I came to build the daemon to acquire a merkle hash, but It give me this error.

Error: To use vizcoin, you must set a rpcpassword in the configuration file:
It is recommended you use the following random password:
(you do not need to remember this password)
If the file does not exist, create it with owner-readable-only file permissions

I have created the configuration file in the given directory, yet it doesn't accept the file. Any help is great. If someone can come up with a solution, there might be some vizcoin or ronpaulcoin in it for you!


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Can you show your code where you think the problem arises?

And also explain, what you think that code is supposed to do.

It may simply be that you have a path and or fileName not set properly ?

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