Hi All,

I've just joined your community hoping to get help with Visual C++ and Visual Studio 2008. I'm not much of a developer and different people were putting this together for me so the code is a bit messy as well. Right now I have everything in place but it does not compile. Is there anybody out there who can have a look and try to figure out how to compile this. The second problem I have is how and where to upload the code because Visual Studio makes it massive. It's around 50 MB.


We would need to see the code, or at least the parts that are experiencing difficulties. We'd also need to know the errors you are getting. Finally, it would help if you could tell us what the porgram is for, and how it is meant to work.

Are you certain about the size of the code base? Fifty megabytes of code is indeed massive, and more than any one of us could reasonably review. I don't know if VC++ could compile something that large in a single unit. How many source files are part of that, and are you certain you aren't including things like the project files in the size?

Hi Schol-R-LEA,

I'd like to send you everything but when I zip it the size is just below 50MB. There are only 24 cpp files in three different projects but I think the organisation is important and dependencies as well and that's why all these things amount to 50 MB even when the solution is clean and zipped. I can do it from my google drive but I need your email address. Can you send me your email address as a private message so I can drop you a link to my google drive.


hmm, most likely that's the size of his entire project which includes the precompiled assemblies for half of .NET.

I would not really be inclined to send you or anyone else here my email, and I doubt anyone else here would either. Public discourse is highly prized here and strongly preferred. In any case, it is likely that only certain parts of the program are failling to compile; posting the relevent code and error messages here would be more fruitful for all involved.

I have a dependancies folder and that is more than 90% of the size. If I remove this and send you only those 24 cpp files and header files you won't be able to compile at all. Let me explain what it does and how it's meant to work.


No-one would give you their email and you sending them across any source code. You haven't answered the right questions; or, given any indication in your post. Why doesn't it compile? There must be a reason, or, give an error (This is why error messages are generated because in most cases, you can tackle the problem just by reading through the error messages)

Post your error messages here and someone MAY be able to identify what the problem is, additionally, you can submit any code which might be causing the problem.

This application is actually meant to automate trading through fxcm.

The problem is my strategy where I have to distinguish between buy and sell positions. I have to make this completely independent from each other. For example I can have 2 buy and 4 sell positions open. At some point in time I'd like to close only buy positions and carry on with 4 sell positions still open. Several weeks ago I received a zipped file with the source code that is meant to do just this. Although I'm not a developer it seemed pretty straight forward to me to include these two functions/methods in my code. Unfortunately I was sinking deeper and deeper by day trying to understand what is missing and why it can't compile. Eventually I thought it's better to create another project inside my solution and copy everything there and simply call these two functions I need. Unfortunately this is a nightmare for me as well.

I'm not sure how much I can write in a single message so I'll continue in the next one.

As I mentioned I have three projects: server, strategy and close and all of them are inside my solution that is also called strategy. Please bear in mind that most of time I'm learning things on the go so whatever I say please take it with a pinch of salt. If I unload my "close" project I can compile with no problem. Of course I have to comment these two functions calls but this compiles fine. This is how it looks like when it compiles:

if ( price2t0 == 360 ) {
    //closeAllBuy(tableManager, responseListener, tableListener, session);
    closed_ = true;
    bs_     = -1; // CLOSE_ALL_BUYS()
else if ( price2t0 == 380 ) {
    //closeAllSell(tableManager, responseListener, tableListener, session);
    closed_ = true;
    bs_     = 1; // CLOSE_ALL_SELLS()

Now if I want to call these two functions I have to upload my "close" project and uncomment the function calls. If I do this and try to build the solution I'm getting tons of errors but the first eight of them are the same:

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: "ace/pre.h": No such file of directory; File malloc.h; line 16; Project close.

If I double click on this error it's going to open this malloc header file but I don't know how it finds it in my "close" project header files when it's not there. I mean it's not there physically. Also the right click on my "close" project can take me to the properties and under C/C++ and then GENERAL I can find ADDITIONAL INCLUDE DIRECTORIES and I can see an entry to the ACE directory and pre.h is there. I'm lost now.

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