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I am trying to develop a case study in c languade for addressbook.Is glade a turbo c accepted GUI.
If so how can I link c program functions, xml etc with glade.I have no idea.Please reply as soon as possible.


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I would be amazed if anything written in this millenium that wasn't specifically written in Turbo C would be compatible with TC. It is an MS-DOS compiler that is more than 25 years old, and is not compatible with anything, including the last three versions of Windows. It would be a terrible mistake to write any new programs in Turbo C.

Glade, on the other hand, is specifically a Rapid Application Development toolkit for Gnome, though it does work with most other Linux window managers. While it does have a Windows port, it certainly won't work under DOS.

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What Schol-R-LEA said. For a cross-platform GUI development tool set, use either Qt, or Wx - Qt is preferred. That said, they are C++, not C API's. AFAIK, there are no standard GUI tools that are strictly C based, other than text-based ones such as curses/ncurses.

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