Dear programmers,
I want to implement English language feature in the following application
I followed this post and
Now my peer.rc file code is

// Peer.RC2 - Microsoft Visual C++ 不会直接编辑的资源

#ifdef string ID IDS_ENUMSTRTEST
#error  Microsoft Visual C++ 

// 在此处添加手动编辑的资源...


That works fine .
But I cannot change the language to English as I want.
Please suggest the appropriate changes in the code that works for me.
Please note that I am using vs2013 ultimate edition for that purpose.
Also when I click on the client software I get the following error that is in Chinese and unable to understand.

image here.

All the resource files and dlls are changed to English but cannot find the reason of displaying the Chinese language.

Peer.rc code is now that compiles fine.
#ifdef string ID IDS_ENUMSTRTEST#error Microsoft Visual C++ #endif //APSTUDIO_INVOKED

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