lets create a new one

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java program for

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You just copy/pasted your assignment without even a moment taken to explain what help you need. That's highly disrepestectful to the many people who give their time to help others here.

There are lots of people here who will freely give their time to help you become the best Java programmer you can be. There's nobody here who is interested in helping you cheat or doing your homework for you.

DaniWeb Member Rules (which you agreed to when you signed up) include:
"Do provide evidence of having done some work yourself if posting questions from school or work assignments"

Post what you have done so far and someone will help you from there. Ignore the rules and there wil be penalties.

if you can't write the second program, you're never going to even get close to writing forum software, it's far more complicated (and yes, I've done both).

("let's create a new one"is a response to me slapping his wrist for hijacking an old thread with his question. I don't think he wants to write a forum app.)

well, he hijacked his own thread within hours of creating it :)

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