Uhmm. I need help! I need a code in our case study. And I don't know how to start it. Please, someone help. I need to pass this on thursday, August 21 2014. Huhu :'( I really don't know. I'm no IT/CompScie or whatever computer related courses but I have a subject Programming. We did not taught very well in our Prog1 that is why I dont know this. Please someone help me :(

It is to make a cash register.
This is the criteria:
Requirements for the cash register case study.

Your program should produce the following:

  1. Display the following screens:

a. Offered Menu with its price. (Maximum of 10 menus ONLY)

b. Summary of order displaying the total amount and the payment of costumer.

c. Actual receipt displayed on screen.

  1. Computes the appropriate tax and tax exceptions for senior citizen, total amount to be paid by the customer and change.

  2. Program will only terminate when the user answers YES if asks to exit the program.

I am very thankful to someone who will help me.

Before we begin, let us make on thing clear: we won't do the work for you. Period. We are here to help you learn, not help you get a good grade you didn't earn. We will give advice, and help you solve problems, but we will not help you cheat.

Well, let's start by you showing us what you have done so far. Have you gotten any code written at all yet? Do you know, for example, how to print a simple message to the screen? If not, you might start there:

std::cout << "This is a simple multi-line message" << std::endl
          << "much like you would need for your menu" << std::endl
          << "you can keep chaining the '<<' operators" << std::endl
          << "like this to show the whole message," << std::endl
          << "with the 'endl' manipulator marking" << std::endl
          << "where the lines should end." << std::endl;

BTW, what C++ compiler are you using? It may help us give more specific advice.

BTW, what C++ compiler are you using?

Wait, let me guess: Turbo C++ (which by the way is a terrible compler that should have been phased out 20 years ago). If that's not the case, then I'll give the class props for not being useless.

Anyways once someone says "I have an assignement and I have no idea how to do anything", then I no longer think it's the assignment that's causing troubles. The most we can really do is tell you to read your textbook, suggest books or provide links to tutorials. If you're able to get started, we would be able to help you "tune" your understanding to get the assignment done.

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