Hi can any one tell me please does visual studio 2012 support any features of c++11?
Or only in 2013 version? 

Just to clarify, in the listings the version of the MSVC compiler used by Visual Studio 2012 is MSVC 11, and there is also the November update version which added quite a few of the more useful features (variadic templates, init-lists, etc.). Visual Studio 2013 uses version 12.

Overall, the support for C++11 features in Visual Studio 2012 is pretty slim, I would say, almost insignificant. You really have to move to 2013 (Update 3) to get something that could be qualified as "full support", roughly.

In any case, I generally use Boost MACROs (header <boost/config.hpp>) to determine which features of C++11 can or cannot be used in the code. The Boost team works pretty hard to keep this list up-to-date. You could easily make a program that tests the features for different compilers to know which are available or not on a particular compiler (i.e., just print out the list of macros that Boost defines for a given compiler version). They generally determine which compiler supports which features by literally trying them out with a test suite that exercises each feature.