SGFPMANSITemplateInfo temp_info = new SGFPMANSITemplateInfo();
  err = m_FPM.GetAnsiTemplateInfo(m_RegMin1, temp_info);
  Please how do i convert temp_info, which is of type SGFPMANSITemplateInfo to String or integer.

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Hi Chibuike 1 welcome here at DaniWeb.
How does SGFPMANSITemplateInfo look like?

From the library it is defined as a class.
It is part of Secugen Fingerprint SDK that am working on. Done everything except saving the extracted fingerprint information to a file or Database. That is why i need to convert that to string or integer so that i can work with the value.
Thanks For your reply, means alot to me.

This is a nested structure as follows:

public __gc struct SGFPMANSITemplateInfo 
    Int32 TotalSamples; 
    SGFPMFingerInfo* SampleInfo[]; 

The structure contains a value that indicates the total number of samples and another struct to point to the the SampleInfo. To save the information to a database you will need to serialize the struct values. I'm not very familiar with the SDK but you should look for a function that serializes the info.

Hope this helps.

Thanks alot for your help. Am really greatful.
I will try to do so.

The struct contains a list of pointers to the SampleInfo. ToString() will not know how to convert that to a string. Also to recover the saved data code will need to be able to reconstruct the structure. Assuming the SDK is well designed I would expect the SDK to provide a routine to serialize the struct.

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