In real time applications where we use shell scripting and how it differ from other scripting languages?

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Real time applications? As in deterministic, schedule-constrained applications?

Those questions aside (but need answers), the standard system shell (such as bash on Linux) should be a strictly interpreted language which can be deterministic (all other issues being equal). Other scripting languages such as perl, python, javascript, et al are what I would call semi-compiled languages with garbage collection (memory management) and such, and as such, they are not deterministic and able to guarantee meeting real-time deadlines.

Terminology in tech fields is critical. So again, what do YOU mean by "real time"?

Thank you i will rectify my terminology in tech fields.

In google which scripting language is used?


To improve the regularly conducted operations
To run series of instructions as only one command
Easy to use
Portable (It can be implemented in any Unix-like operating-system without any modifications)

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