Helllo to all 1.11 members.
Could someone paste and copy. Xml from a build.xml so I can see basic structue and conventions?
Thank you.

At the bottom of the page is a link "Desktop version". That will give you some more options.

Ant. Is there some way to fomat these threads? I do not see a toolbar.


Can not post example code in the post

I got some google basics the above could be used yet I do not have the foresight to develope a effective system to wok with propery values.

ant build.properties

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So , it has been 21 hours and no one has a clue how to write a build.properties file..

I just scanned. This link and added it in with the 30 other goole generatd docs. Surprisingly none show how to establish the baseline in the build.properties (do I need toimport build.xml) to calculate all the needed properties and comments I intend to use. (Names,parents,locations,paths,destinations etc)

I have taken 100rds of credit hrs of college courses asking similar questions and did not receive the high quality product. The product is all the questions with all the completely answered solutions in coalition with every lecture note delivered from a multi trillion dollar educational institution. I do not have one shred of that product I pay ed for to open and review. My point that is relevant to this post is that within the last three years I asked these exact questions and solved the build.xml with all it`s supporting files and posted the entire project to the daniweb forum. My computer crashed and it was not properly saved and I can not find it in any of the possible daniweb forums. Regardless of what these colleges program you to believe. The most efficient way to learn ,especially when you are paying your life savings for a product is to have all the question and all the answers and someone you are paying to insure you understand it. I would prove that true if I could find that one post where I solved this exact post asking the exact same question, In ten minutes I would review and recall and understand entirely the solution to this post. As would any one visiting this forum asking similar questions.

if I could find that one post where I solved this exact post asking the exact same question

If you can give some specific details on what to search for, I can use the API to help you search. What username did you post under? If you remember that it'd be much simpler.

Thanks any way I have wasted enough of everyones time . This post is solved and I encourage you to delete my account. Thank you.

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