i want to create a chat application. i will design it once i get the idea of how it works.the chat will be based on ip addresses.

is it possible to create a chat system which uses ip address for chat communication?how can i do that ?i am unaware about ip addresses and something like that.somebody suggested me that you have to purchase hosting service where you'll host the database as a chat log.on the other hand , some suggested that you can do that using their ip addresses and databases installed on the device(don't need hosting services).

i offer your views on it.

the chat will be based on ip addresses.

I don't know what that means. All things that use the internet protocal use internet protocal addresses in some way. Basically your either asking "how you can make a chat that uses the internet", or your asking "how to make a chat that uses an IP address in <insert some fasion here>".

Keep in mind that the verb "to use" can be used with almost any noun and can be used to indicate almost any action, thus "is it possible to create a chat system which uses ip address for chat communication?" can mean nearly anything unless we have something more specific then "uses".

Yes, there are a lot of approaches for internet chats though.

okay , i make it more clear.Actually i don't more about ip.i heard that it could be done using ip addresses.

it should ask to enter ip address for any destination machine and will connect to it.

what i want is that a chat system without having database stored on server.i don't wanna purchase hosting service to just store my database there.for this, the application will uses database on both machine(sender machine and receiver machine)

now i again ask , is that possible ?

i heard that it could be done using ip addresses.

Everything done over the internet is "done with" ip addresses. So yes, "It can be done using the internet."

i don't wanna purchase hosting service to just store my database there

You can always just set up your own server (for free) instead.

I think you should look into how internet protocals works in order to get a better understanding of how your going to do this.

Ok, so instead of connecting to some central server you want to connect directly to your friends machine. One way you can do it:
(1) Every chat program is listening on some appropriate tcp port.
(2) If Alice wants to talk to Bob, Alice tells her chat client to start a conversation with Bob's chat client.
(3) Alice's chat client starts a connection with the port that Bob's chat client is listening on.

You'll probably want to employ cryptography here.

I will also suggest as suggested that you first understand what is Internet Protocol (IP) and how it works, and also understand what is Port numbers and how it work.

The Chat application is simple as it the matter of listening and connecting connection requests, share messages to connected clients.

I will advise you to start simple, just make a server and client, connect them and once mastered that you can then start adding a feature of sharing the messages that will help you understand much better and once you done that you can advance your app by adding the user authentication for login as you said on your database. Understand what is client and what is server too that is much important.

There are quite a number of samples online that will help you all you need to do is google.