hello all,

As i am developing a final year project of my curriculum.\
I need some guidance for my project.
My project is "Face detection from digital image".
Also i want to develop this project in Java Programming language.

As i am new to image processing domain, i want to know which are the algorithm are used for face detection from digital image?

Please tell me from where i have to start.
Which library/package i have to study for image processing in java.

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Try using Google or Wikipedia to start your search about facial recognition algorithms. This is not a simple subject and is one that has tripped up some of the top minds in the business for years. Just now are some such technologies becoming reasonably accurate where they can be used in "production" environments, not that as a student project that would be a requirement. In any case, I think you have a lot of work ahead of you, and not in just the coding aspects of the project. Getting your head around the algorithms themselves will be a challenge in itself. If you get it to recognize your own face in various poses (smiling, mouth open, eyes shut, with/without glasses, etc) with only one reference photo as a baseline, then you will be doing very well indeed!

Thank you for your reply rubberman. I will surely use your idea for my project.
I am glad that got reply soon for my post.

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