Good morning!

I was wondering if anyone could send me in the correct direction to locate documentation on how the Windows Sensor and Location Platform gets its data so that I can have a Windows service that will respond to GPS requests (without actual GPS hardware)?

I'd like to have a Windows service that runs that will "fool" the Windows Location Provider into reporting to applications whatever location the user enters (GPS coordinates).

I'm sure there are tools out there that do this, but this is more of just a learning experience for me. There's not much advantage (that I can see) to telling your copy of Windows you are in Timbuktu, ML when you aren't. It's just to try something new.

Any suggestions?

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Search for a Windows GPS Emulator. There are a few available.

There are lots of good reasons for telling your copy of Windows you are in Timbuktu, ML when you aren't. EG for some kind of simulator or game, for replaying GPS records of a trip, or testing/debugging location-based software. It is not an unusual requirement.

Sorry for taking so long to get back to this thread, it's busy at the change of the quarters.

Thanks for the tip! I'll see what I can find, but I did search before and it seems that most of the results are about Windows Phones (which I'm not working with) but I might just need to hone in my inner search skills and dig deeper.


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