I am using VC++ 6 and MFC. I programmed a dialog box as modal I understood or misunderstood that once opened the user would have to supply the information before they continue using other applications.

I believe if the dialog is opened from another application this is true. I am opening it as a stand alone application. I have been trying to research System Modal Dialogs but can't find any information on them.

Some how windows accomplishes this during login and log off dialogs.

If I could open the dialog box and grap control of the mouse I could accomplish the same thing.

Only problem I don't have a clue how to do it except tring to intercept the mouse messages.

Sorry about the length.

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There used to be a dialog box style (DS_SYSMODAL) that created a dialog box in system modal mode. But it is only there for compatibility with 16bit windows and doesn't prevent the user from clicking other items on the desktop. So I guess you will have to intercept the mouse messages. But even then the user will be able to move through dialogs using the Alt+Tab combination. So you better look at How to Disable Task Switching.