Hello guys,

I have the project to build an Automative Leads. The process flow for this scoring engine needs to be as:
SOAP webservice will advertise a "SCoreLead" function that requires an ADF lead to be passed to it.

any idea will be appreciated


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idea about what ?
if that is your process flow, either you are working on a dummy project, or you don't truly understand a process flow, or you have an idiot making your analysis for you.

you could start of with a wsdl and xsd's describing your service and the types used.

then: create the interface, and add the methods your interface needs to provide
after this: create the implementation, and make it do "what it has to".


I could say I dont fully understand what I was really ask to do but here is a better explanation:

I was to Build a Lead Engine as a SOAP webservice in java that will be used for scoring Automotive Leads. Automotive Leads are essentially XML data that contains informaton about people who are interested in purchasing vehicles. This is called the Auto-Lead Data Format. Its a process flow but like you said

i dont fully understand what a process flow is.

Like you said I will start with the wsdl


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