Hi.I'm 16 years old and i am studying c++ at highschool.The thing is i really think what we do at class is really...useless(and easy). I mean i don't think it will help me a lot if i want to create an application... What should i learn? Where from? What do i need to become a c++ master?

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Write lots of code and solve many coding problems ...

Some great coding examples can fast-track the process provided that you study the examples and DO understand them ...

You may also like to see these links for beginning CS students ...



I think a good place to start is the book by Koenig & Moo, Accelerated C++, if you think your class is easy. Maybe you'll still think it's easy and useless, because it's designed to teach the language and not e.g. how to use libraries to build certain kinds of applications.

Your problem might be that you can't find a way to use C++. I mean, how do you go out and start writing real software with it? Or with any other programming language, for that matter? This is one of the problems I had when starting out. I'd end up clinging to whatever gave me a simple handle to the "real world" that would let me do user interaction in a dynamic way. If you want to create a normal application with C++ one way might be to get QtCreator and do some tutorials. I'm not saying this is the best way -- I don't know -- as a developer experienced in using C++ to write server software that didn't have to do much GUI interaction, it seems pretty good for the things I've been toying around with the past few weeks. Its downside is probably that it's complicated and powerful. But you should be able to follow a tutorial, look at the examples (there's a ton in the qt/examples directory if you download qt) and tweak things to do what you want.

A different direction might be to go down the OpenGL route and go straight to 3D graphics, using GLUT or whatever the simplest way you can find to make an OpenGL window happens to be, and then do whatever it is you'd do that way. It depends on what you want to make.

Thanks.I'll take a look on those sites and on that book(even if i'm not a native english speaker(as you probably see :P) , i'll handle it).I hope they will help me out,because at highschool we studied only functions for/while/if/switch... That's the stuff we create algorithms with.The thing is i want to learn c++ that will actually help me if i become a programmer(and highschool stuff...i don't think it helps that much).How many functions are and where can i learn them?
Ah and what programming languages you think should i learn?

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