Dear All,

Recently I have updated jre 1.7 with update 55 in client machine. When I open a applet application form loading time increased up to 1 min. The same application is working fine in java 1.6. As of my understanding this happens because of certificate revocation checks. When I select option do not check option in certificate revocation loading time reduced abruptly.
Kindly advise me what are impact will cause this change and also advise me how can reduce applet loading time.

Thanks in advance !

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The certificate revocation check is the security support for Java code (especially using an applet on the web).

From a quick googling, I found this document on oracle about signing your code, a blog about how important it is, and how to configure it. Hope this help.

hi Taywin,

Thanks for the reply.
Can Any one help me how can I increase the loading time of applet when I enable the certification.

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