I am not looking for anybody to do the work for me - I have a questions I am trying to get answered as I go thru trying to learn - I am ahead of myself but am looking to the future

I am looking to create a soccer simultor (probably look into football and baseball) but to start soccer is easier to define the actions that occur..

In any case I would like this sim (all text based not needing any real graphics) to be based on real stats of players (to try and get some accuracy to the engine) run the match, record the events (match report) and provide stats at the end of the match as well as update for seasons and historic records... This stuff is well beyond the question but I wanted to give you an idea of where I was trying to get

Can python be used to create such a game

Thanks in advance

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Thank you for response - that is all I needed to verify


Actually you need a little but more. You can't just straight up write an entire game using python. Write your 'algorithmic code' as in the computation and such for stats. But for graphics you need an engine and some back-end coding with a language like C. If you want, message me I can help you with that.


If it's just a text based console game, then Python should do it. If you want to introduce graphics, then look into Python module Pygame.


Python has an easy syntax, the trick is to get to know and use its many modules.
A number of these modules are already written in higher speed C.

Concentrate on your algorithms, you can always optimize for speed later.

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