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I don't know whether it me or, but there is something a bit wrong that keep on happening so I think we should remember that we were all a students once and if we didn't work harder and put much effort in practicing code we wouldn't know what we know today.

My point is based to those of us who are now posting only to get high points. I've seen quite a number of post of a new members whom seem to have no knowledge of VB.NET programming and have assignments to do whom just post the questions as is from question paper I believe the rule of this forum state it clear that a poster should show initial work and state clearly the problem in most cases it could be an error so that the community can help in solving that error but not the doing other peoples home work so that the thread will be marked answered and get extra points.

Let's us not do this to gain extra points but let's do it to help others too learn not spoon feeding them, because they won't learn, if a question is requesting us to do the home work that's clearly shows that the OP has no knowledge of programming so instead of us doing their homework let's rather point them to Introduction guides that we find it most useful so that they learn too. This comes after I saw a thread and the OP doesn't even know how to set the UI and the OP was requesting that someone do GUI and codes for his/her homework and many people are doing it and I'm like how will the OP learn programming if we don't guide but just give answers to them because next time they will also get another assignment and they will also post it here so that these people do it for them.

I find it not wise at all to pass the subject with As but you can't even place components on a form to form up a GUI so please people stop this because you are killing our future programmers.

I also think it maybe best if DaniQueen introduce a way to decrease points to those who are doing this because we should guide but not doing some peoples homework especially the beginners because they may have little or no knowledge at all of programming so if you do their home work you are destroying his/her future, programming is done with the love and passion so I think they should find that first and be passionate of trying to generate codes on their own because that will help them find the right path of programming because when they post their codes we will correct them where needed and they will be able to learn from their mistakes and they will see how to do what.

If they are not willing to try that means they are not into programming.. The future of programming is in your hands, its up to you to grow programming or destroy it future.

I thank you.

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Me too, Agreed

Usually when someone posts a question like that they get a "please show proof of your work so far" response or a reminder of the rules (with a link to the rules). If they persist in this behaviour they can get a comment and a downvote (which results in a hit on rep points). If still repeated they can get an infraction. Too many infractions and they get banned automatically. We can't prevent lazy people from posting these types of questions but there are mechanisms available to discourage repeat behaviour. See this thread for example.

just to make sure I'm not getting the wrong end of the stick here. I'd like you to play part in the following scenario.

Post From :TheNoobestNoobEver
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Question: I'm brand new to VB.Net, and for my school project I have been asked to run a counter from 1 to 10 and show the increments in a label.

Answer 1:

    For X As Integer = 1 to 10

Answer 2:

Start by placing a button and a label onto your form. In the Button's click event paste the following code.

    'You would be best off using a For-Next Loop
    'The Loops can either iterate through a collection
    'of objects or increment values.

    'This loop is going to increment the value of X
    'from 1 to 10. Each time we hit Next the loop 
    'goes back to the beginning and increments X
    'by 1 until it reaches 10, at which point the loop
    'is exited

    For X As Integer = 1 to 10
        'Here you can see your labels text property is set to
        'the value of X
        'BEcause this loop will run super fast, let's slow
        'it down so we can see the reults
        Me.Refresh()'Refresh the form and it's objects
        Threading.Thread.Sleep(100)'Pause the UI thread 1\10 of a second

Answer 3:

Have you tried MSDN Click Here

Just go ahead and answer which response you would provide to this day one, potential software engineer.

@Reverend Jim. Great reference, I'll be sure to consider that in the future too. I'm glad other contributors on this thread aren't guilty of partakiing in this auto-homework-completion scenario.

I also think it maybe best if DaniQueen introduce a way to decrease points to those who are doing this

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "points", but voting and reputation work both ways. If you find someone spoonfeeding beginners, then by all means given them a downvote or negative rep. What you're asking for already exists. :)

I have apologized to every one for my posting in Project form 4 But, in the first line of my posting I noticed him about his post

You didn't post your codes, so do not understand how far you wrote and the exception you got.

From my heart, I tried to help him. If you search, you could see too many “HOMEWORK MILL” like posting in this Forum. Everyone did it, from their responsibility to help someone. I am not a home worker of anyone. As a human beings, I am responsible to help everyone.

Ok, I tried to help a member. I have no blood relation with him and also I did not know who he is. I tried to help him as a member and as a friend. Helping is my guilty and I am responcible for that. So I decide that this is my last posting in DANIWEB and never try to help anyone.
Lot of thanks everyone.

@Santanu Das.

I have been on DaniWeb just over two weeks now, and what a roller coaster it has been. Honestly I was seconds away from giving a good ole down vote to this thread.... "oooo scary", but every day things get more and more clear. Though I hope I'm miss-understanding what Mr.M is saying and will not get too involved in the initial post, there is an element that can be extracted... Santanu Das... you help everybody and any body, but if we're going to teach people, make sure we provide a solution, well commented and documented that can teach them. If they decide to copy, paste and run, that's up to them, but if you've provided a solid base to learn from, comments, structure etc, I don't think anybody will be upset if help is provided.

I've never studied a day of any I.T. subject in my life. When I first saw MSDN after half an hour I was crying in the corner, rocking backward and forward. I've come a long way and can now use MSDN quite happily, but it was a combination of factors that got me to where I am 1. people prepared to provide good learning material and 2. My decision, once I'd got the code to learn and understand it.

So I decide that this is my last posting in DANIWEB and never try to help anyone.

Good luck to you in your pursuits. Hopefully one day you'll realize that the people you "help" won't always have you sitting on the sidelines to do their work when things get difficult.

Oh pant's, you up vote and it becomes featured? daaaaaaaaaaaaaang it.

"note to self... Keep out of it man"

No people don't taking this the other way, but when we provide solutions we need to ensure that the OP do supply what he/she had done so far because some like to enter to this career and they will post what they have thought of making without having a clue on how he/she will do it, so for those kind of things we need to point them to the right direction then they work from there and learn it. Yes its up to them to copy and past or learn but honestly if only the code is provided as solution then obviously they will just copy and past it because its what has been provided.

We are not fighting but we are guiding one another to do best, yes the forum is also about helping others but let's make sure we help them in such a way that they understand the solutions provided.

let's make sure we help them in such a way that they understand the solutions provided.


oh yeah.... What is OP?

oh yeah.... What is OP?

Original poster or original post, depending on the context.

Daniweb is not a homework mill for people to get solutions when they are too lazy to put in the effort on their own. Posts of the type "I'm too lazy to do my own homework. Would someone please do it for me?" are to be discouraged.

Only OP Kudos members can ask every type of questions without showing their efforts. Please See here
They have every rights to get answares.

There is no way to restrict this type of questions, but you can bring a restriction to answare. Marking other Links, also be a type of answare or help.
How do you restrict it, if all of your members are lazy like them.

Only OP Kudos members can ask every type of questions without showing their efforts.

On the contrary, our rules apply across the board. Everyone is required to adhere to them or risk punishment; kudo posters, featured members, moderators, admins, even Dani herself.