Hey Everyone,
I forgot this simple code and messup.

I am having almost 23 Files in my resources. (extension: .Targa Files)
now When the User Click Extract Files, I need this files to be extracted to
"fbd.selectedpath\MyFiles\" (fbd: folderbrowserdialog)

The Another Thing is Each files are big, So obviously it will take Time,
So I also need to add Progressbar. (Each file may be of 1-5mb)

If Possible then progressbar, One for Individual File and another for Sumation of all file,
its easy to do for all if I know how to add progressbar for each (individual) File.

1.] Extract File to Destination from Application Resources.
2.] If possible, with Progressbar

exactly what i want you show me, i will mark solve as my project Finsih successfully.

I am still working on this,
I see many post and now i am confused.
I dont get any tutorial, i get only question and with lots of replies but cant identify the best working code for me

So please you can continue to this Thread

BackgroundWorker Tutorial video
Export your resources to a folder in the BackgroundWorker_DoWork method.
and you can give a value to your progressbar in this method BackgroundWorker_ProgressChanged.

What is it that you can do and what is it that you want, you want to extract files from resources or progressbar for the progress of the extraction?.

No, actually I am having 14 files, about 12 files are targa files and rest two are Dll and txt files. ( I saved all this files in resources )
now I want the user to add the destination and then all I want to replace the original files with this Files.

targa file are of 1mb (approx per file) and dll is about 2-3mb.
I want this should work at back ground and also want to show progress.

Now a days, trying to understand the codes that the solution is given to me.