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i am working on pulling out text and its properties from a pdf file. iTextSharp library is used for this purpose. Initially i took the fontsize property directly from the tf operator. but then i stumbled on a scenario where tf said font size was 1. So i went with the explanation on this link-http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9329709/how-to-calculate-font-size-from-pdf-in-php/26357764#26357764. Today i got a pdf where things got a little more trickier: Following is the extract from the qpdf:

/TT2 1 Tf
0 19.98 -19.98 0 52.68 56.6906 Tm
2 Tr
0 G
0 J 0 j 0.4 w 1 M []0 d
0 g
0 Tc
0 Tw
( )Tj
0 -1.4414 TD
( )Tj

Now in this case how do i determine the actual font size. Adobe reader shows me the font in a readable format . it definitley is more than 16. Any inputs will be appretiated. THe PDF Spec seems to be vague (my opinion ofcourse.)

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Thanks for the response Oxigen, but i don't think that answers my question. I am able to get the font face and various other properties but the font-size becomes 0. the tf operator that is being used is this:/TT2 1 Tf
So i scaled the font size of 1 with the text matrix 0 index value. this value in this case is 0: 0 19.98 -19.98 0 52.68 56.6906 Tm
so the font size ends up being 0. but i know this is not correct as adobe reader shows me the font in a readable manner. i want to know what are the set of transformations that i will have to do to get the correct font size.Following is a snapshot of the information i have,

Thank you oxiegen, that was helpful. i used the ConvertHeightFromTextSpaceToUserSpace function to scale the font size.

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