Hi I am a beginner programmer and I am really interested about learning new skills. So I need your help. I have a question regarding designing. I want to design a website where the user will be first shown couple of example page designs/template and then the user chooses one of it. Then the user will be asked to give his inputs in a form. After this, when the user presses the Submit button, the details of the form will be automatically written in that chosen example page using the user details. How can this be done? Which languages should be used to do it easily-JavaScript/HTML/PHP or anything else?
Also I wanted to know that the form will have two optional fields (drop-down list) where the user can choose his font style and size. The output will be written dynamically using those size and style. How can this be accomplished? I am not looking for a code here. But I appreciate if you guide me to choose a correct path to do it. Thanks
P.S Also please check the attached PDF file/template to see one of the example files. The formatting of the PDF will be same but the text will be changed according to the user input.

One lesson I learned and experienced from "both sides" is that you should avoid to ask difficult questions - difficult in term of how much effort is required from people who could help you.

My advice is that you get into HTML / CSS (basics), javascript / jquery (actions, effects, cookies) and AJAX / PHP (databases - for anything which should be "remembered" by the site).
With this combination you can achieve almost anything you want.

Things that you need to accomplish break down into small pieces, use google and when you need - ask as much as you can straight-forward and simple questions.

best of luck :)

Thanks for your reply.

But still looking for more replies regarding this specific task from other experienced forum members..

ghosh22, What vjproduction is saying, is that the problem that you have posted is long and complex, and you haven't actually made a start yourself. This forum is designed for smaller, more specific problems. You have posted a specification for a project and are expecting experienced web designers to do the heavy lifting.

VJ's post gives you good areas to look at so that you are able to make a start. Then once you reach a sticking point with a piece of code, use this forum to get advice..

Hope this was helpful

you should have to perfect in html5, css3, jquery, parallex scrolling, responsive design and php also.

You can acomplish everything you need to do using HTML5, CSS3 and PHP.

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Which languages should be used to do it easily-JavaScript/HTML/PHP or anything else?

Heh heh. Yes the languages can cope with it easily, but can you code/write in those languages/markup easily is the question. Did you want confirmation that it could be done easily? Well, I suppose the answer is 'Yes'. If you're asking whether it can be done easily by you (I'm assuming a beginner), then probably 'No'.

That's not being rude, just a pointer to learn the languages and markup well, then you'll be up for most things.