I am a student in Computer Science, and am writing a small guide for my fellow students. It will contain a large list of the most commonly used and studied functions in C++ (e.g. Bubble Sort, linear search, file writing, etc.) and the code used to perform each function. I would really appreciate any useful snippets of functions that anyone could provide! That said, it would also leave this thread as an excellent reference page for new students like me. Does anyone have any suggestions?

There are many such resources that already exist, what unique properties will yours bring to the table?

I have been looking online for some time now, and could not find a good source where all the codes I would actually find myself using regularly appeared. I assume you don't mean textbooks, since price is a very obvious problem there. And so I assume you mean either another book, or a site like this one. As to that respect, if one thread were to have many different codes in it, that thread would (in theory) be much easier to browse than a search engine, since search engines leave room for error (like not containing any code on a page) and not necessarily having a function one could use. This resource is meant to allow people to have a single, comprehensive go-to location for any snippets of code they might need. Does that answer the question? I'm sorry if I seemed at all rude.

With sites like koders.com, github.com and other open source project repositories (as well as open learning resources such as coursera and MIT open corseware) you have at your fingertips a massive searchable archive of code. The project repositories give you code you can use and educational sites provide theory along with smaller examples.

There may be a niche in there but it will require a significant effort (not syaing you can't or shouldn't do that...).

Thank you very much! I have looked at the sites you mentioned, and github is very promising! (koders is still a little weird to me) that said, I do intend to continue updating this thread, and compiling useful functions myself as well. I have a goal in mind to help my fellow students gain a single, easy-to-find resource with all the functions they might want to see. I didn't know about the websites you mentioned, and while I am grateful for your advice, I am sure others like me remain, still unaware. For them, I will continue, since one more source where information can be found isn't a bad idea. Thank you!

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