i want the code for bank statement
withdram,current balacne, deposit

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Well, I am a learner as you as well, but from what you have post, I think you will need to give a head so the Senior collegue can help you to add or sub.

  1. From my on view, statement can be generate as a list of all the transcation that have occur from time(old) to time(now)...... if you have the access to the database or storage.....

  2. Withdraw will be just Sub. new value (withdraw amount) from your Old Balance.

  3. Balance will always be the result of any Calculation (Either withdraw or Deposit.
  4. Deposit will be newly add int.(amount) and the new balance will be Balance += Deposit amount. after each deposit.....

I hope this help you..... and I hope to learn from this as well

Just remember, we don't do your work/homework for you. Make an effort, post the code and errors or problems you are having, and then we can help. FWIW, this can be coded in about 2 lines in most programming languages, including C, aside from the required includes, main(), variable declarations, output functions such as printf(), and the return from main().

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