The loan officer at the Belize National Bank wants you to write a C++ program that would help him decide whether to approve small loan application. The program should prompt the user for the customer’s yearly income, the number of years of the loan (loan period), the amount of the loan (the principal) and the customer status (1 for preferred, 0 for ordinary). To approve a loan, the customer must satisfy one of the following conditions. A) The principal divided by the period must be less than or equal to 1/12 of the customer’s income and B) if the customer is preferred customer (that is, the customer status is 1) the principal divided by the period need only be less than or equal to 1/10 of the customer’s income. The program should display an appropriate approval or disapproval message each customer it processes. When there are no more customers to process, the program should display the total number of approvals and disapprovals it processed.

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