Create a Visual Basic application that meets the following requirements:

No buttons can be used. All actions must be handled by menu commands. (Note: This is intended only to provide experience with the use of menus. Do NOT do this in the real world.)

You will create separate functions to calculate preferred customer discount, sales tax and shipping/handling charges.

All forms must have the same look and feel.

Totals for each individual customer will be displayed on the form used to record the order.

A separate form will be used to display summary totals for all customers, all preferred customers or all regular customers.

Display a splash screen that includes Vandeman’s logo.

Create an about form (using the about box template) that is accessed from the Help menu.

Provide separate textboxes for the user to enter the customer’s first name and last name.

Provide separate textboxes for the user to enter the customer’s street address, city, state (2 letters only), zip code, and phone number.

Provide a List Box with the descriptions of the items/products that can be purchased.

Use hidden, parallel List Boxes to store Product IDs, Unit Weights and Unit Costs so they are available for calculations.

Provide a text box or numeric up down control for the user to enter the quantity of the product being ordered.

Provide a Next Item menu command. When the user selects the Next Item menu command, validate entries for Quantity and Description. When the entries are valid, calculate the extended cost and extended weight based on the quantity and then accumulate the total merchandise cost and total weight.

Provide a Finish Order menu command. When Finish Order is selected:

Calculate total merchandise cost, total discount (preferred customers only) and sales tax (MI residents only) based on the cost of all merchandise ordered.

Calculate shipping/handling charges based on the total weight of all products.

Display total merchandise cost, net merchandise cost (total merchandise cost minus discount), sales tax, shipping/handling cost, discount amount, and total order cost (net merchandise cost + sales tax + shipping/handling) on the form.

Use module-level variables to store the totals required for the summary forms (#12 below.)

Provide a context menu that allows the user to select a regular customer order summary, a preferred customer order summary or a summary of the daily totals for all customers.

Summaries and daily totals include: total merchandise cost, total shipping/handling, total sales tax, total discount and grand total. On the “Regular Customer Daily Summary”, total discount should display as $0.

Update the Project’s Assembly Attributes to include the project title, description, company name (Vandeman’s Handyman Heaven,) copyright and a version number (CITP 150 Version 4.) Attributes will display on the splash screen and about form.

Use a ListView control to display the items as ordered. ListView columns include: Description, Product ID, Quantity, Unit Weight, Unit Cost, Extended Weight, and Extended Cost.

I need help designing this form Im currently enrolled in C# and at the same time and this is very confusing. My VB class is online and I can't get a tutor here at school. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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So you cannot do any of those tasks? I'm just saying, take offence or don't, if you cannot start at your first point and work your way down from there, perhaps you are taking the wrong course!

In saying that, you will be very hard pressed to get anyone from this great forum to do your homework for you. We've all been there (well, most of us), not knowing what to do but we stick our noses in our text books and learn. You have to do the same (I know, you're taking an online course but it still applies). There is a lot there, granted, however if you go at it one requirement at a time you will succeed. Just so you know, in case you go elsewhere and someone does your work for you, you will encounter problems in the real world of coding where you will have no one to help and you'll still have to solve these things on your own, or lose your job.

lol I'm trying to get full membership access and I need 5 posts with 5 days worth of memebership so this is one of my posts, I will post my work once I start because this is a future assignment.

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