Hi guys:

I'm developing a small desktop app in c# and i was wondering if there was a way to set a specific user for a specific deployment of the app (eg. software on pc A has user 1 and software on pc B has user 2). I'm wondering if there's an alternative instead of having a db table with the user associated with it (think the app is as simple as a calculator. i don't intend to store any information EXCEPT the system administration password and the user's name).

Any information or orientation regarding this would be appreciated.

I've been googling about this but the closest i've gotten seems to be related with specifying an encrypted key for each app. I'm trying to find a more practical way to achieve this since the app will just be used in a small network (wont be sold or anything). Maybe I'm not looking for the right term or something.

Thanks in advance.

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Store info in a text file or XML file. If you don't want the user to change the info, encrypt it. Add option to re-generate default file (system admin info) in case it gets corrupted.

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