I have downloaded the program from here http://www.tightvnc.com version 2.7.10 and compiled successfully using visual studio 2013.
One is the tvn server and other is the viewer.
We connected successfully the server and viewer using my friend’s laptop pair with server and client interaction.
When the application runs all the control of the server computer goes to client. In other words the viewer computer can even hook the server, perform all the actions that a user can do on a local or personal computer and even shutdown the remote or server computer using application that is even great in positive terms.
But we want to implement/modify the application in such a way that only server can share the screen not the hooking /controlling of entire application by the viewer.
In this regard it is need of removing some .h and .cpp files.
But we do not know what files to remove to achieve the desired goal.
Please tell a way or modify the application in such a way that control never goes to the viewer and always see the screen of the server computer.
Also please tell that when a wrong IP is added through the client/viewer side then the following error comes http://wikisend.com/download/914120/error that we want to find out in the code where it is and want to modify it in some terms.

In Short It can be said that I want to remove the user control that viewer from the server,so that user never gets control of the server computer and tell the files that needs to remove from the project if not then the poossible coding lines.


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You're probably better off using the mailing list set up to field questions like this. The instructions to use it is on the webiste for that software.

this is critical help that only the intlligent person can go with?

When you have a specific question about specific software any intelligent person would realize the best place to ask is from people that use that software.

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