Hello Friends,

I am creating a windows application containing multiple forms which shows notify icons while running. I have kept the notify icon only once in the 1st form.When the first form loads it shows the notify icon. When a button is pressed the first form hides and the 2nd opens.


Two notify icons are appearing in the taskBar whenI move to the 2nd form. I want my application to show only one notify icons.

Please Help.
Thanks in Advance.

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Sorry. I didn't get it.

I think the "showInTaskbar" is for displaying the application in taskbar. What i want is for the notification bar.



yes, already tried it.

when i set to false all the icons disappear and when set to true multiple icons appear.


Is the forms you showed are created dynamically?
If so, create a controllflow by If Elseif to show the notification icon when the form shows at first time.


So have you checked the property in the fomr "ShowInTaskbar". This pretty much means as it sounds, if true it shows an icon in the taskbar.

So if you have two forms open, but with this true, and you minimize both you might get this dual icon (of course it could also be that you have two NotifyIcons)

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