hi , last night I downloaded pyzo package on my ubuntu 14.04 system , I just do not know how to get it working . any help is appreciated

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On Windows you have three ways to code ...
all in the folder

There is also
in folder

There should be Linux counterparts to this.

hi vegaseat , I got the windows part working , as for the linux , I downloaded the linux version and expanded it to a new folder and this is where I am stuck because I do not see any icons or folder for icons . the file I downloaded has .linux64.tar.gz at the end but it looks like it has windows binary files in it .anyway ,thanks for the reply , I will google maybe I find an answer

thanks vegaseat , I will look into anaconda . I will wait a day or so and if I do not get any more replies I will mark it as solved

thanks HiHe , I think I just use the windows version and giveup on linux version . I had already looked at your first link and your second link is filtered in my country but I am guessing that it is no help either . thanks for your time

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