I would like to create a class for finding the voltages of 1, 2 or even 4 batteries. The Class can be called BatteryVoltage with a default voltage value of 1.5 (AA Battery)
Must allow the user to find the total voltage of batteries when installed as a single,double, or quadruple set.
Must be able to set the voltage to calculate
Must input the kind of battery (String name)

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Well, then, that's quite a problem. What have you tried so far? Did the instructor provide all of the necessary information for you to compute the voltages? Have you discussed the matter with the instructor?

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well, then you've had 2 days to learn the tiny bit of Java and physics you need.
I assume you've used that time to do that?

If not, why not?


I think you are in the wrong place. First learn something lil about java, try out something, and return here for help :) or try googling the source code if you're not interested in programming

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