question Identify the objects and simulate the following scenario.Your Code must have all constructers,
Exception Handling, predicate functions ,wrapper functions ,settrs and getters.Use proper names for
functions, classes and variables image below.Click Here
please tell me what to do with this:::????

The linked image is nonsensical. Please elaborate on your assignment.

ok heres the pdf form of what has given to us if anyone understand it help

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First you have to write classes that will define every object that is represented in that scene. Once you have that then you need to use those classes in your code to create each object. Just from looking at the picture you are going to need at least 10 different classes. There are kids and women in the scene so you would need a person class. There are animals so you would probably want a base animal class and then one class for each type of animal that inherits from animal. You will need a Property class that will hold everything that is in the property. There a few other things you need but I'll leave that to you. It wont be very complicated but it will be a decent amount of code.

can u elobrate more on our sir says we have to make only one class for the program can u plz gave me a little example block code ?

In that case, I would call my class House. It has persons, animals, tables, rooms,neibours with a house? etc. This class does cooking, washing, talking to neibour house class etc.

thanks @ddanbe class problem solve whats does operation perform can anyone gave me a short example ? and little help with geter seters ???

pleae help me urgently i have to submit it today?????:(


date extended: ok i will make a seperate class suppose there is human class what to stimulate and what? i dont understand can pleaase give me a little chunk of example code that will do single task i mean stimulate the scenerio and how to set predicate function please help ?