hi again, so uhm in my project i am using sql server 2008 . and I had used vs2010 ., now all is good but i tried to follow a tutorial (Click Here), where he uses a entity so i followed tnd now my problem is that:

everytime i put new data on my database on sql, i need to restart the application so that the data will display on the entity.
sorry for explanation but here is a picture 43bd7c8023c2301b25281d1693f6f509

hope u understand tnx.
what i want to happen is if i can load the data to the entity also when i put the data on the server

Here two different mirror images have been opened in Database Explorer and Datasources windows. When first time they opened, the images were same. One user never see the data changes made by another. Like one user never see what is doing by another user, though they work in the same server from two different computers. After saving and closing, when they re-open the database they see the works what they did, and the result is equal. For that reason the entity does not see what alteration you did through DataSources window. Refresh or re-open the entity that you made in Database Explorer.