Hi Iam having some problems with this program, I think its minimal but i don't know how to solve it .
THIS IS THE PROGRAM=A teacher gives 5 tests, but averages the four highest scores. An average of 90 or better recieves an A, 80-89a grade of B, 70-79 a grade of C and anything else recieves an F.
The report for each student should include name,each test score, the test score that is dropped ,the test average rounded to the nearest tenthand final grade.
My input is
Enter student name: Aubree Hutchinson
Enter the 5 Test grades:91,87,96,85,90

and my output should be
Progress Report
Class:Computer Science
Student:Aubree Hutchinson
Teacher:Mr. Morris
Test Scores: 91,87,96,85,90
Test Dropped:85
Test Average:91.0
Final Grade:A

Right now we are using if and else statements but I am confused because one of my friends tryed to explain to me how to write it but she told me that i had to use doubles insted of integers, which i did and it messed up my program. Right now I am at home trying to figure it out with my notes,but it confuses me even more... I really want to do this by myself and u tryed with youtube videos but I just end up even more cofused. Can someone please explain to me how to write it step by step.I hve 4 more besides this one but they are all similar .Ijust need help solving this one so I can know how to do the other 4
Please help me

I can help you if you show me what you've done so far. Post your and lemme see if I can clear the mess :)

she doesn't have anything to show. the part
"I tried with youtube videos"
more than shows that she's neither able to understand her own notes, nor to figure out what type of material is good to use.

Heather: don't bother with youtube video's. just like with about 95% of all Java tutorials "out there" on the web, most of them are created by self-proclaimed Java 'senior developers' who are not smart enough to understand the basics themselves, just trying to prove to the world (and themselves) that they do.

either use a good book, or start by following the official Java tutorials.
Click Here Except for the Swing part, which is a bit crappy, since it's purely a "look how you can drag-'n'-drop with netbeans, while generating lousy code", they are the best you'll ever find.

You use doubles when doing the average like this

int grade;
double average;

average = grade / 4.0;

You will only average the highest 4 grades right? so you make 4 to 4.0 so it becomes a floating-point number.

For the if-else
do you mean like this?

        if(average >= 90){
            letterGrade = 'A';
        else if(average < 90 || average >= 80){
            letterGrade = 'B';
        else if(average < 80 || average >= 70){
            letterGrade = 'C';
            letterGrade = 'F';
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