I'm looking to make a log form, for a car park at a hotel, where I have to enter the plate, customer names and the space it has been assigned to.

Program Requirements
When a guest arrives, the valet will take or note the following details and enter them into the program:
2• Name
• Licence Plate

The program will then assign a parking space for the car and record it as taken by that person/car.
When a guest is ready to leave, the valet will take either their name or licence plate number and the
program will search using those details and tell the valet which parking space the car is in.
Once the car has been returned to the guest, the valet can again search for the car by name, licence plate or
parking space number and tell the program that the car has been returned and the parking space is now
The program should be a console application, with a menu offering options for:
• Handling guest arrival
• Finding a parked car
• Car returned to user
• List all cars parked
• Exit program

Any suggestions?


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Hi lewisy95,welcome here at DaniWeb!
For this homework assignment(you're 19 right?) you could start by designing the classes you would need. Depending on how big you see this you opt for a DB or file approach. Success!

commented: No, not 19 anymore. That age has long gone. Hitting mid-thirtys. I'll give it a go, thanks! +0

Yes, my advice is that you start it and we'll help you with your assignment. Work on your code one step at a time. When you encounter issues that you do not understand, ask for help. You won't find people from this site to do your homework for you but we will help with it.

No, not 19 anymore. That age has long gone. Hitting mid-thirtys. I'll give it a go, thanks!

I'm using Xamarin Studio for Mac, and it keep's coming up with an error message of "error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `public' and the same for 'void'.

I've studied the code and can't see anything obvious to me that stands out, and I can't see any {/} that I've missed?

Any help would be appricated!

namespace RestuarantCarPark


        class MainClass
        public static void Main ()
        constant int exit = 4;

        Console.WriteLine ("Welcome to Restaurant's Valet Booking Form! Please fill in the required information below");
        //A resturant needs to be able to log cars they have in for cleaning and where they are. 
        //The software needs only to log the cars location and details of customer. 
        //The user needs to be able to add a new car, entering name and number plate, or edit the number of cars in for cleaning. 
        //The user also needs to be able to list all the cars and their location. 
        //The user will prefer a text only piece of software to use for convience.

        //Variable(s) needed to perform task.
        //Ask user to select options which they require
        int answerCode = 0;

            answerCode = MenuSelection ();

        } while (answerCode != exit);
        Console.ReadLine ();

    static int MenuSelection ()
        int result = 0;
        //Display menu to user
        Console.WriteLine ("Menu");
        Console.WriteLine ("1: Add a new booking");
        Console.WriteLine ("2: Edit an exisiting booking");
        Console.WriteLine ("3: Find a veichle");
        Console.WriteLine ("1: Exit Booking Form");
        Console.WriteLine ("Please entre your selection #1-4.");

        //Read users selection
        string userInput = Console.ReadLine ();
        result = Convert.ToInt32 (userInput);
        //Return the users selection
        return result;


What would happen if you removed line 10?
I guess the same goes for line 14.

Didn't see them extras! But its still giving me the debugging error...weird.

What you suggest the next step be? Making the menu options?


Yes, use a switch case statement with userinput.

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