hey friends im a first year prograaming student and basically started with 'C' Programming so just need help
are there any particular program for beginners or any website whi9ch can provides me some program to pratise
and even im not abe to install "Turboc++" properly so can anyone help me?

If you have Windows Vista or later, you won't be able to install Turbo C++, at least not directly. Turbo C++ is simply too old, being a 16-bit MS-DOS program, and is no longer supported by modern versions of Windows. In order to install it, you would need a DOS emulator such as DOSBox, or set up a virtual machine image with an installation of DOS or an older version of Windows in it.

Personally, I would recommend against using Turbo C++ in any case, if you have any choice in the matter. I realize that there are many Universities and even national collegiate systems which have standardized on it, but it is simply outdated and trying to learn modern programming from it is going to be misleading at best. You would be better off downloading Visual Studio Express, Code::Blocks with MinGW GCC, or Pelles C in order to get a decent, modern compiler and IDE combination. This may not be an option for you, but you shold at least be aware of the limitations of Turbo C++ before installing it.