hey guys

quick one, im doing an income vs expenses form on VB, i have two mulitline textboxes, one for income and one for expenses. Everything works well but i dont know how to add up the numbers in the textboxes when i have say 5 incomes, in the income box, each on a new line and 3 expeneses, each on a new line on the expeneses textbox. i am using a button to do the calculation and output of profit/loss is in a message box. PLease assit

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How about

Dim total As Single = 0.0

For Each line As String In TextBox1.Lines
    If IsNumeric(line) Then
        total += CSng(line)
    End If

thank you i shall try this and let you know... will also post my code once ive added your lines

great thank you so much it works perfectly, your help is much appreciated

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