i have a program that was due, but i submitted what i can. however, i have a chance still at making the program fully functional, and so i need to submit it fast before its graded.

i already have the program, and its running, but i just have a problem with the numbers that are coming out. like the total doesnt match the right numbers generated.

can someone offer me help with making it work properly? it seems like this is a matter of pointer problems and i have been working countless hours on it but no luck.

thanks in advance

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Privately? Nope, doesn't work like that. We help you, and that help then helps others. It's what community is all about.

So, post your code to show us what you've done already and tell us exactly where your problem is and someone may be able to help in forum.

Of course, your teacher will also be able to see the help you are getting...

ok ill post what i have

Cool. I'm sure someone will be able to help once you have.

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