I very new to C Shell. I am trying to read a file from the command line, and determine whether it's a zip file, a .txt, a symbloic link, a pipe, or whatever ("unknown").

Then I'd like to execute a few instructions depending on the type. For instance, if it's a txt file, print information about it ("it's a text file") and give its size.

Here is what I what got so far:


if ($#argv < 1) then
   echo "Usage: $0 file [...]"
   exit 1

foreach file ($*)
    set ft=`file $file | cut -d: -f 2`
    switch ("$ft")
       case "*Zip*":
           echo "$file is a zip file"
       case "*shell script*":
           echo "$file is a shell script"
       case "*ASCII*":
           echo "$file is ascii"
       case "*symbol*":
           echo "$file is a link"

Firstly, you have palced your question in the wrong forum. c shell (csh) is a command line interpreter of unixoid systems unlike c which is a programming language, although there is a slight resemblance in the syntax.
As for your question, it largely depends which commanda you would like to perfrom on those files. You have only said what you'd like to do with text files. For the text file you could invoke the ls command and pipe it as input to awk or even grep with which you could extract the size using regular expresion.

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