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Could you please help me with Row level Access Data reading?
What I mean to say is(PFA Screenshot)
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Suppose I only need to read the Row with "EmpID" AA/0141/D/12749, how can I do it?
Keep in mind that It is always going to be a random row based on an Employee's login detail.

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You can do it by a SQL Statement with a 'Where' Clause to match EmpID. Like

Dim EmpComd as new OleDb.Data.OledbCommand

EmpComd.CommandText = "Select * From LOgInTable Where EmpID='" & TxtEmpID.Text & "'"

EmpComd.Connection = Conn

Dim EmpDtRd as OleDbDataReader = EmpComd.ExecuteReader

If EmpDtRd.HasRows then
   'Codes To Show Data 

Hope it helps you

Yes. It works.
Thank You very much!! :)

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