Hello buddies!
I'm new at Java SE Porgramming with PHP background.
I've made a simple app which uses JSON to save some data and I would like to use MySQL database but there was some question for me.
1. If I used MySQL or any database, how much would my app size increase!?
2. If I used MySQL in my app, would my user need to install MySQL in his device?

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The size of the application would increase by the size of the JDBC driver jars, plus any other libraries you end up using (like ORM libraries).
How much that is I don't know, but it can be megabytes.

You need to install MySQL somewhere that your driver can talk to.
That should be obvious.
Where that is is up to you.

You meant my users have to install MySQL?

either that, or you host a database online to which your application(s) connect.
but then you'll force the users to be connected to the net.

The JDK comes with JavaDB (a fully Oracle-supported version of Apache Derby) as standard. If you use that in embedded mode you just need to add one 2.6 MB jar to your application, and the user doesn't have to install anything else. Unless you plan an enterprise-scale roll-out I can't see any reason to look any further.

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