i wrote an program relating to employee payslip but i got an error..can u clarify me?Inline Code Example Here

class Employee{
int empId;
int bSal;
Employee(int a,int b){

class PayShip{
int calculate  (Employee e6) {

int os=e6.bSal;
 int ta=(os*5)/100;
 int vehAlo=(os*10)/100;
 int da=(os*2)/100;
int grossSal=os+ta+vehAlo+ da;
 int houseloan=1000;
int carloan=2000;
  int c=grossSal-houseloan-carloan;

return c;
public static void main(String[] ar){
Employee e=new Employee(567,50000);
PayShip ps=new PayShip();
int salary=ps.calculate (e);

"an error" ... that's a pretty vague description of what you are experiencing. think you can be a bit more specific?