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Please find the telegram android application's source code https://github.com/DrKLO/Telegram/ This is a working android application, and I want to use this application as a messenger in my web application, so with this same set of code can I be able to create a web application.

Varun Krishna. P

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@James Cherrill
and my question is whether I could use the same code and create another java web or may be another html5 css3 and javascript application, so that I can make api calls from my existing web application. But the docs https://core.telegram.org/methods are it that much helpful.

My answer is yes, you can do it as long as you thoroughly know what and how it works. However, the bad news is that you have to port it because the code is device specific (for mobile). Certain hardware in mobile does not compatible with desktop computer. Also, certain functions/methods may result differently in different device.

But the thing is that I don't get how to write a java/javascript function based on the api methods that are available in telegram.org.

Varun Krishna. P

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