Hi everybody, I'm back and I bring problems. :D
I've done a fair bit of research - I know Android can't run JRE 1.7, and I know JRE 1.7 is needed to get Java to read SQL.

I've got this project that says I need to make a way for an Android app to read from a given SQL database.
After days of researching, all I've managed to do is build methods that connect to said database, read the data, save the data in an arraylist, search said arraylist and close the connection.

As far as I understand it, the java web application needs to be running on a server at all times, all while listening to requests for data from an Android app.

- method to connect
- method to read needed data
- method to save needed data (for offline reading)
- method to search data
- method to disconnect

- putting all completed methods on a server
- getting them to do stuff when requested
- the android client app

I've tried countless tutorials - no luck!
Could the gurus of Daniweb give me a hint? :)

Hmm first of all all version of Java can read SQL database you just need to add jar (for example: mysql-connector-java-5.0.4-bin.jar) and it will work, secound you can build Web Services in Java EE, main thing is that you have some methods that do some stuff and you "publish" them so anyone can call them (they can be called with other languages like C#, C, Delphi, etc...), so your android app will just call that metods you need...

When you say "publish", what exactly do you mean?
Do I simply upload the jar files or is there more to it?

I don't want the application to be visible, it should be a silent bridge to fill the gap between the Android client and the SQL database.

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