i have to write a code on automata. the question is in conway's game of life, cell in a grid are used to stimuate biological cells. Each cel is considered to be alive or dead.At each step of its simulation, each cell's current status and number of living neighbours is used to determine the status of the cell during the next step of simulation, in this one dimensional version, there are N cells numbered 0 through N-1. The number of cells do not change at any point in simulation.each cell i is adjacent to cells i-1 and i+1.here the indices are taken the modulo N meaning cells 0 and N-1 are aso adjacent to each other.At each step of simulation, cells with exactly one living neighbour changes its status(alive cells becomes dead and dead becomes alive).
i have to implement a program for such a celular system with 71 columns programe should initialize the array and print it on the first line.Then it should calculate the status of each cell for the next step and print it on the screen. untill all the ces are died.

Okay go ahead and get coding. Is there a part you dont understand?