In real life, what is the difference between C# and Visual Basic?.

I want to make an application to handle data from a database and I was told that C# is much better, I need advice.

Thanks in advanced.

Waldis Portes

Visual Basic is harder to read than C#... Sorry about the dig VB coders, but you know what I am referring to, Dim'ing variables instead of simply declairing "int num = 14;", and all those nasty do, end if, end loop, etc. Sometimes I use them in comments even in C#, but I like to have the option, and not be forced to actually type out end ... If a statement is really short brackets are the way to go '{', '}'. Truthfully, there are some things Linq associated that VB can do better, and I also think there are some things Linq associated that C# does better, you would have to read C# in depth by john skeet in order to nail down exactly what does what better, but in my opinion the only differences between the languages is verbosity. Realistically they are both .NET languages, so there shouldn't be anything one does that is "better" than the other. As for me and my house I will use C#.

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